Apr 21, 2014

Has it really been 3 months since our last post?

Just a couple weeks ago I was asked to write a new post for our blog here at QT.  Being slightly inept with social media, I said okay and hoped that somehow I could magically wiggle out of the responsibility.  Unfortunately for me but fortunately for you, our dearly devoted blog readers, my name and task was put on a to-do list in our office that has been hanging over me (literally) since being asked.

“What is the meaning of a blog?” I dramatically asked myself.  “What in the world should I write?” 

Then it came to me (or maybe I just scoped out our blog page and got the idea) that each post was meant to connect QT to the world, to our past and potential clients, and to our past and potential guides.  That’s the wonderful thing about a blog, it reaches out into the deep void of the web and somehow gets into the hands of the people fishing for news.

So, all that being said, here’s a little news for you eager fishers.  QT has been busy these past months.  Even with the constant change of treks, clients, guides, weather, you name it really, that goes on here at the office, QT has continued this year like all the years before it…enjoying nature and making money for Escuela de la Calle and the Hogar all with volunteer help and passion. 

Last month we took all the Hogar kids up Santa Maria on our Clean-up Trek (more like they took us up the volcano…they ran up those switchbacks in just over 3 hours…amazing!) and collected 38 bags of trash on the hike down from the summit.  After an adventurous chicken bus ride home, we crossed paths with a Peace Corps volunteer who ended up taking all the trash for a school construction project.  All in all, a successful day.

We were also able to attend a Xelaju game with Hogar kids two weeks ago.  It was a feat to get everyone a seat in the crowded stadium, but once we were all settled we witnessed three goals (2 exciting headers!) and a win!  And, after several ties in the past games, we are convinced that the kids brought the luck that was needed for the win.

As far as the treks go, we have been appreciating the dry and warm days here. In particular we have enjoyed our trek to Fuentes Georginas that only runs in the dry season.  After a long hike up through a peaceful forest, over the ridgeline to Pico Zunil, and then down into the beautiful, green valley, relaxing in the hot springs is incredibly rewarding.  Plus, even though we take so many pickups and transfers for all of our treks, it never gets old riding in the bed of a pickup from the hot springs as it winds (should we say careens?) down the curvy and scenic route to the town of Pico Zunil and then back to Xela. 

Lastly, we have enjoyed the addition of three new guides these past couple weeks.  It is always hard to say goodbye to the old guides as they depart from QT, but with the passion and ideas that come with newbs, work continues and QT keeps growing and progressing.  And that is always what QT needs, new life from new guides and clients in order to support the kids in Escuela de la Calle and the Hogar.  

Well, time to get back to work.  Blogging accomplished.  Until next time, cheers and if you get a hot sec, check out our online calendar and register for one of our treks today!