Oct 21, 2011

Day of the Dead

At a loss for what to do next week?! Join us for a week of trekking and partying...

We have a special midweek Lago Atitlan trek, leaving Tuesday 25th, coming back Thursday 27th. That gives you just enough time to recover for the infamous Quetzaltrekkers Halloween Party on Friday, at Xela's most beloved billiard spot - Pool and Beer

Then, with the Saturday to fight off the hangover, we head north on Sunday 30th to La Ventoza, a tiny town just outside of Todos Santos. We will climb La Torre (the highest non volcanic point in Central America) and descend into Todos Santos, to witness the unique Day of the Dead celebrations for two days before returning back to Xela on Wednesday 2nd. This is the so called "Party Trek" but for those of a more walking based mentality, there is the "Full Version" that will leave Xela on Thursday 27th and takes in the stunning scenery between Nebaj and Todos Santos, meeting up with the Partiers in La Ventoza, before everyone heads up and down La Torre together.

This is a great opportunity to see Todos Santos and experience the unique Day of the Dead celebrations there, all the while support the great work of EDELAC

For any questions or more information, contact us by phone, e-mail or drop by the office (hopefully to sign up).